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iNOW UI - The IBM i
Modernization Sensation

Boost your Legacy Apps to the Passing Lane

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iNOW UI Beispiele für modernisierte Subfiles, Detailmasken, integrierte Bilder, Dokumenten uvm.

Smart UIs for IBM i applications
on all platforms and devices

With the iNOW UI Designer, classic greenscreens can be transformed into modern and comfortable frontends with just a few mouse clicks. Many useful controls are available and leave nothing to be desired. The existing RPG business logic is used unchanged.

Designing, arranging and aligning is particularly intuitive and fast thanks to multiselect, drag & drop, copy & paste.
The new interfaces can be used immediately as iNOW UI clients - both natively in the Windows environment and remotely in any HTML5 browser. There are 5 different options for the rollout.

Even external data, images, documents and apps for text editing and spreadsheets are easy to integrate. By means of scripting and prepared code snippets, other functional extensions can also be easily implemented.

Modernisierung für AS/400 IBM i - Menüs im Vorher-Nachher-Vergleich - Greenscreen vs. Kachelmenü


Smart Menus

... in modern tile design with pictures, colours and more for an individual and appealing layout
Modernisierung für AS/400 IBM i - Detailmaske mit integrierten Dokumenten, Bildern und intuitiven Bedienelementen statt Greenscreen


All Information At a Glance

... with intuitive controls such as calendar, selection lists, toggle switch etc. as well as all relevant information from different sources clearly arranged at a glance
Modernisierung für AS/400 IBM i - Subfiles im Vorher-Nachher-Vergleich - Echte Datagrids mit Suche, Filter, Export etc.


Subfiles as Datagrid

... for real data tables with full text search, variable filtering, sorting and grouping according to any columns, various export formats and much more.
Modernisierung für AS/400 IBM i - Subfiles im Vorher-Nachher-Vergleich - Übersichtliche Cardgrids mit allen Infos aus unterschiedlichen Quellen


Subfiles as Cardgrid

... with the same design-features as detail masks for intuitive and comfortable handling as well as more information and overview