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Transform your IBM i Software into the Rising Star of
your IT Universe

Delight and equip your users with amazing and full featured solutions
Accelerate your development with an enhanced design and development process
Improve software quality while decreasing your ongoing software development workload

Take Control of all your IBM i Software Challenges

Existing IBM i applications have always been delivering incredible value to your IT organisation and your business. But to meet all of your ongoing challenges new technology is required. Using iNow you will solve the most important demands of your users, developers and business: 
- a modern UI with seamless operation,
- sufficient space to deliver your users all relevant information at a glance,
- integration of software and hardware as well as data, documents, images etc. from external sources,
- optimized workflows,
- new functionality with added value,
- enhanced usability to immediately improve user productivity,
- saving time and costs in IT and your business,
- increasing productivity to deliver immediate impact to your bottom line 
- supporting new, required business practices and
- agility in both your IT and your business.

Use the most powerful Technology

The iNow Front-End Design and Development System is the fastest, smartest and future-proof "boost" for your IBM i applications. Reusing and enhancing your proven IBM i applications saves you time and money compared to "Rip and Replace" with a COTS (commercial off the shelf software) application or a complete "re-write.

iNow protects your heritage applications running on IBM i and provides your organization with a powerful development environment and framework to continually adapt IBM i applications to ever evolving user and business demands perspectives.

By preserving your strong IBM i world and rapidly connecting it to the modern and dynamic .NET ecosystem you can protect and enhance your existing competitive advantage. The result is you can solve your organization key challenges much faster and smarter.

Customer's Success
is our Mission

“iNow delivered a
real WOW-Factor!”

“With my modernised User Interfaces, I am consistently able to save myself the usual 15 minutes of defensive discussion with prospective customers who tend to be quite nervous about Text Based UI’s.”

Service Plus
Nils Jurytko, Pre-sales and Support Engineer

“When our users required the most complex and powerful UI requirements, we were able to trust the expertise and experience of ML Software’s team. The rapid response time and the uniquely powerful technology stack of ML was incredibly convincing. We delivered our iNow-UI modernisation project “on-time and under budget”

Wernsing Food Family
René Sanders, IT-Director

“iNow UI is the Best!”

“We have been waiting in vain for 10 years for a solution to our UI challenges from IBM. When compared with our earlier attempts at Modernisation, iNow UI has taken us to a new level. With minimal effort we have achieved the delivery of incredible value to our user base.“ 

Roland Groeneveld, Developer

“I have to say that iNow UI has delighted both me and my users."

"I very rarely use words like that to describe software.“

Service Plus
Rainer Ziesmann, Team Leader

“iNow UI gives us everything we desired: Modern UIs with underlying power and flexibility for our Development Team, ensuring we can rapidly and cheaply adapt our UI’s to the demanding new requirements.
Since implementing iNow UI we are able to recruit and retain the most C# und .NET developers and users." 

Torsten Thoma, IT-Director

 “We converted our entire ERP System GESAPLUS into really SMART UI’s intuitively and with remarkable speed.

Service Plus
Benjamin Paetow, Developer

Take advantage of iNow - right now!

... for Business

Not 10 or 20 but hundreds and even thousands of outdated green screens can be replaced by our automated iNow UI modernization. The excellent cost-benefit-realisation when compared with COTS or a "re-write" garantees a rapid ROI.

- Safeguard your reliable business software on IBM i hardware.
- Focus on creating “revenue driving functionality”. 
- Solve your existing and future IT challenges with a future-proof strategy for modernization, development and integration. 

By choosing iNow you can achieve absolute platform and device independency. The same iNow application can be used both as a rich client in a Windows environment but also as a thin client in any browser and through any device saving development costs and delivering your business a "4 for the price of 1 solution"

... for Development

iNow enables your developers to add valuable functionality much faster and smarter. You accelerate your development with an enhanced design and development process, you improve software quality while decreasing your ongoing software development workload. Therefore you can increase the efficiency of developers by 15 - 30 %.

Some important advantages::
- Integrate powerful .NET technologies with IBM i techniques.
- Rapid development with “standardized” process (e.g. permanent compiling, code completion, edit & continue).
- Reduce software development time and cost by 20 - 40 %.
- Hire and retain the best available development talent.

... for Users

You delight and equip your users with amazing and full featured solutions. Their optimized usability reduces training and familarization effort by 20 - 40 %.

Users benefit from:
- modern and treasured UIs
- optimized usability
- eliminating data entry errors (e.g. drop downs, checkbox, calendar)
- all necessary information at a glance
- integrated work flows
- additional functionality
- enhanced user experience
- identical functions & handling on desktop, browser & mobile
- great performance 

Why to choose iNow?

iNow revolutionizes Front-End Design and Development for IBM i Applications with its unique and highly innovative features

Reuse and enhance your IBM i applications to both maximize their value and also minimize ongoing costs and risks. Use iNow to increase the capabilities and power of your software development. Connect your trusted IBM i world to the dynamic .Net universe and deliver optimized and smart applications on any platform and any device.

Automated UI Modernization

To save time and money intelligent algorithms transform ALL 5250 screens automatically regardless of the underlying development technology (RPG, COBOL plus others and even if no source code exists). Enhance these algorithms (open source) and create your own bespoke versions to ensure ongoing optimization of your project.  

Graphical UI Designer

Create the most beautiful UIs for your IBM i apllications and provide seamless operations to your users. Benefit from huge array of powerful default and iNow specific controls with a selection of valuable control properties and events to meet all your today's and future needs. iNow enables you to implement additional controls and even inhouse-developed or third-party controls and more. 

iNow Environment

Combine IBM, .NET and iNow technology to add valuable functionality to your IBM i based solutions. To achieve this iNOW seamlessly connects your IBM i techniques with .Net technologies to solve your existing and future IT challenges within a future-proof IT universe delivering the most extensive framework for ongoing modernization, development and integration.

C# Scripting

Using iNow, .Net and C# programming your developers can embrace the full power of the Windows OS encompassing, more than 12,000 .Net libraries and countless third party components.
This ultimately increases your development team's efficiency and ensures you can easily hire and retain the best available development talent.  

Powerful ILE API

ILE API provides a direct connection between your IBM i and iNow applications. All ILE languages are supported and can be used amongst others to: 
- deliver and receive data,
- create and control the graphical UI,
- generate and develop new IBM i applications

Rapid Development

Shorten development time by 20-40 % through optimised developer features: code completion, edit & continue, continuous compilation, real-time syntax checking etc.  
Save additional time by implementing and using third party controls available for almost every need in the market.

Platform & Device Independence

iNow applications can be deployed to a Windows environment and to ANY browser on ANY platform and through ANY device without compromising  either the functionality or the “look and feel”. 

RDP Web-Enabling

We use RDP not only for security reasons but also to provide your users the same functionality and look and feel in any HTML5 browser and to eliminate maintenance effort resulting from browser patches (often running at up to 8 updates per year).

Fast and Easy Rollout

iNow enables both local and server-side installation. It uses a central repository to significantly simplify and accelerate your application rollout process .

Our Resell and Integration Partners

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ARCAD Software
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Baierl & Partner
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