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Decades of experience

ML-Software GmbH was founded in 1993 in the technology region of Karlsruhe, Germany. With its headquarters in Ettlingen it is located in the heart of Europe, only about 135 km (84 mi.) from Frankfurt am Main.

Till now ML-Software GmbH has concentrated its sales and service activities within Germany and neighboring countries: Austria and Switzerland. Due to its industry-independent software products and services the company has not only achieved a reputable reputation within these countries but has become the technical leader of its field.

We are now ready to expand and are looking for future partners interested in investing our potential further afield in Europe and North America.

ML has been IBM und Microsoft partner for a long time.

You are interested in more information? Please feel free to contact us. We looking forward to your email or phone call.
Email: info@ml-software.com
Phone: +49 7243 5655-0

Specialization on IBM i & .NET

ML began in 1997 with its focus on the modernization of AS / 400 applications. In order to keep the well proven RPG, CL & COBOL backend application programs we have developed a frontend graphical interface based on Windows. With this method we developed a way that ensures a secure future for these legacy applications running on AS/400 and successor platforms. By using the optimal combination of modernization, further development, reprogramming and integration of software we have successfully optimized our customers IT in more than 500 projects.

We regard the combination of the IBM and Microsoft world as the perfect symbiosis of two leading hardware and software vendors. For that reason we decided to use our products to bridge the gap between RPG and .NET development, which allows our customers to benefit from the advantage of both worlds.

With the new development iNow UI, which was unveiled in autumn 2017, ML is making it easier than ever to modernize applications on IBM i and its predecessors. Creating appealing and easy-to-use UIs does not require any programming skills and is very intuitive and fast with various multi-select, copy & paste and drag & drop options. Not only can you replace green screens but also provide complementing functions using snippets and scripting.

If a more advanced modernization is needed right up to the option of a complete switch into the .NET world, the sister product iNEXT offers all necessary technological possibilities.
iNOW and iNEXT provide a successful future strategy for past, existing and future applications using IBM i.

Quality for our customers

Our customers profit from our over 25 years of experience. During that time we have continuously invested in the development and modernization of our tools and thus achieved an outstanding quality and recognition in the market. Our technological lead, creativity, efficiency and reliability are particularly important to us.

Customers Benefits 
1. IBM I applications continue to be used: 
- Investments in hardware, software and skills remain protected
- IBM i programs and data do not need to be adapted, but can still be developed and maintained as before

2. Green screens are replaced by modern UIs:
- More information at a glance
- More comfort and efficiency to operate
- Less training time necessary
- Increased user acceptance

3. iNOW UI makes UI design intuitive, easy and fast: 
- No programming knowledge required

4. Functional extras (optional):
- Integration of images, documents, databases for more information content
- Integration of hardware and software for more efficient work
- Optimize work-flows and processes to save time and add more comfort

5. Snippets and scripting simplify functional extensions:
- C# Script is easy to master and offers extensive possibilities for the realization of individual requirements

Success for our partners

No matter if short, medium or long term, our tools ensure that your future with IBM i applications is safe and successful. They provide you with sustainable solutions for the most pressing tasks, such as surface refinement, enhancements, integration, and much more.

Partners Benefits 
1. New and lucrative business fields:
- Expansion of the own product portfolio with particularly powerful tools  
- Services such as workshops, development of individual scripts, integration

2. Fair conditions 
- License sales
- Subscriptions

3. Partnership & cooperation
- Product training
- Technical support
- Marketing material

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